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Over twenty years valuable experience of working in the Spanish real estate market. Here to advise and guide you each step of your journey.

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We guarantee you will not find a better, faster cheaper or more comprehensive way to start your real estate business. Your own ready to go real estate agency within 7-days!

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We are contactable, 7 days each week, 365 days each year. Whatever your questions or business needs we are always at hand to advise and help.

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A First Class Affordable Consulting Team

A team to guide you step by step, to long term success.

Managing your own accounts can be frustrating, time consuming & costly if you make mistakes. Save time, allow us to introduce you to a qualified and knowledgeable real estate accountant to help you achieve long term success.


A friendly business bank manager can be of great benefit. We can give you an introduction to a bank familiar with real estate transactions, currency exchange, mortgages and everything you & your clients might require.


Once you start making deals, you will need an affordable lawyer who knows real estate laws very well. A lawyer instantly contactable, whether by phone, WhatsApp, or formal meeting. We can offer you experienced lawyers to guide you each step of the way.


Introduction to a local computer expert for any emergencies, when internet is down, PC´s freeze up, or any computer related problems occur. Someone who can be instantly available, either physically or remotely to save the day!

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    Frequently Asked Question

    Working as an estate agent in Spain isn’t just all about showing people around properties and finding potential buyers. There are 3 main aspects to this profession: commercial, management and negotiation. The usual tasks will be answering emails, making calls, visiting clients and properties, attending meetings and preparing documents or literature. You (the agent) will be the middleman between buyers and sellers, as well as responsible for handling the relevant documentation and guiding buyers or sellers through the whole process from start to finish. It’s your job as an estate agent to help both buyers and sellers when it comes to the process of buying a property in Spain and to navigate them through the process whether buying or selling.

    To be a real estate agent in Spain, it is not necessary to be registered, have a license, or have a title, pass an exam, or have a real estate agent certification.
    According to article 3 of Royal Decree-Law 4/2000 of June 23 and 10/2003, the trade or business of being an estate agent in Spain is not officially regulated and is an independent profession, meaning that you do not need a special license or degree to be an estate agent in Spain.

    Foreigners can indeed become real estate agents in Spain and there are an increasing number of foreign owned-and-run estate agents in Spain. An agent can work with any customer from any country. Most buyers from overseas either speak English as a first language or a second language. Or you can focus on your natural strengths and work with buyers from your country of origin, especially for language reasons. An ability to speak Spanish is of course a help, but not always essential.

    To set up your own agency in Spain, the minimal requirement is to be registered in Spain’s Self-Employed Regime where you will have to identify as an “autónomo”. But as mentioned, there are no official qualifications required to become an estate agent in Spain. However, there are a number of Spanish organisations that offer a type of real estate qualification, if you would like to take it. These include API (Agente de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria) and GIPE (Gestor Intermediario de Promociones y Edificaciones) for which agents need to take a real estate course and pass an exam to get a certificate.


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